8 Popular Online Instant Games to Play

Gone are the days when games used to be played on PCs. This was followed by arcade games and downloadable flash games; now it is the turn of online instant games. These do not have to be downloaded or installed; nor are they hard to play. They are perfect if you wish to kill some time without having to go into too many rules and conditions. And what is more exciting is that you can play these with friends online too. For instance, Facebook Instant Games allows you to challenge your friends remotely. There are best bitcoin lottery sites that you can try your luck on and they are quite safe. The Bitcoin lottery guide will help you safely play in some of the world’s best bitcoin lottery sites that have massive collection of casino games and accept various cryptocurrencies.

  1. Super Dash: This is perfectly suited for platformer fanatics. The idea is to collect coins while you jump through the neighborhood and score as much as possible. So, you need to leap over boxes and hop over hills before getting too exhausted to continue any further. On your journey you will be provided with items like food and springs to help you or some extra time as bonus. Your job is to redeem the coins for boosts and look out for danger.
  2. Words With Friends: If you are a Scrabble fan and love to play with words, you should try this game. All you have to do is create words using letters that are provided to you in a “Scrabble” way. If you can make long words, you score higher. Make sure to exploit the double letter and triple letter tiles to get high scores. The player who scores the most is the winner.
  3. Cut The Rope: This free online game is easy-to-play instantly. It has a frog sitting at the end of game window. Your job is to snip the rope that is moving in a way so that food can go into its mouth directly. The game requires no registration and installation.
  4. Pacman: This had always been an addictive game and is perfect when you have nothing constructive to do. You can play Pacman free of cost in Google; all you must do is search for the game title on the search box and click on the link to begin playing. There is no need to create an account.
  5. Daily Sudoku: For those who are Sudoku addicts, this can be the best bet. You will get a fresh puzzle every day and you can choose the level of difficulty. Correct answers will fetch you 5 points while incorrect ones will make you lose 100 points. Solving sudoku puzzles on Bitcoin just requires password to be verified. Bitcoin is the popular cryptocurrency which is an integral part of many online gaming centers and casinos. To buy or sell bitcoin you need a broker. Check this Online broker im vergleich blog that gives you the best comparison of Bitcoin brokers available out there.
  6. 8 Ball Pool: This is for billiards lovers and you can engage in a one-on-one challenge against a friend. You need to aim and pull back the pool stick for making a shot. There is a meter on your left that shows the amount of power you give in a shot.
  7. Draw Something: Here you start by drawing a picture for others to guess; you may choose from some random words. Your friend on the other side will view a stroke-by-stroke replay and he must guess what you are drawing. Others will able to view the number of letters the word has and anagrams of these.
  8. Jewel Academy: In this, you must reach a target score by using a specific number of moves and through matching 3 or more gems. As you move to the more difficult levels, the time to reach the score is reduced. It is advisable to create chain reactions for reaching a high score quickly. The best part here is your progress gets saved automatically; so, you can start from where you left the game.
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